I feel the world whizzing by me every day. Hundreds of channels to surf, ads to click through, headlines to scan, postings to peruse, and emails to delete, not to mention the physical highway traffic to wedge me along to my next location, where I will once again plug in and/or tune out. Breathe.

The noise overwhelms us until it becomes a static hum underlying the occasional real experiences of life. We all have our own personal noise threshold. We reach a point where we draw a line in the sand. If we’re lucky, there’s actual sand under our feet. Well, not me. I burn too easy. Very pale.

The noise also challenges me when I want to share something, like this blog post. I suspect that a good number of my friends and family won’t even see those announcements at all. Social media experts encourage you to post often, because people go online at different times of the day, but at the same time, you don’t want to over-do it to the point where your Facebook followers actually follow you to Trader Joes to thank you with a punch in your actual face.

Plus, you only get to see like eight friends on your timeline, thanks to the enigma of a Facebook algorithm that I can only imagine also determines what numbers will win the lottery. I know some of my friends really want to see what I post, but they just can’t win the Facebook lottery.

Get to the point, Dan!

Okay, already! Here’s my point. I became very targeted about my TV watching over the last few years. I don’t have time to waste on a show any more if it’s not entertaining. However, once in a while, if I like what a show is attempting, or I like the people involved, I’ll give it a little time. After all, Seinfeld famously took a couple of years to reach the right rhythm.

I ask you to do the same with me. Specifically, I want you to sign up for my email list (click the link on the menu at the top of this page). What do you get?

You get me!

Follow me as I develop my web series chops. You may have already enjoyed my Baby Time! Series. If not, you can watch the whole hilarious, unfinished series here -> Baby Time!

What can you expect? Well, my goal continues to be thoughtful, funny stories. But, more specifically, here is what you can expect over the ensuing months:

- CO-HABITS – updates for my new web series that explores the quirky habits and conflicts of long-term cohabitation.

- Blog posts - You know some of those are alone worth the price of admission -- which is nothing!

- Future series like my Christmas-themed series (the ho-ho-hos are still in development).

Think of it this way …

In the worst case, you will simply need to delete my email on occasion, unless of course your inbox has 300,000 emails sitting in it because you never delete any emails. My wife practices this habit, and it drives me insane. Delete or categorize as you go, and it will be clean! I get freaked out if my inbox has more than 50 emails in it. Does that make me a psycho? I hope not. Better check with the purple troll that I trapped under my toaster, though, just to be sure.

On the other hand, you may grow to enjoy my posts. Ideally, you will look forward to them, and perhaps love them so much that you want to send them to your friends. Of course, I hope you never share anything you don’t like. I only want you passing it on if it’s working – if you really love it.

Ultimately, I want to improve, and I want to know I’m improving as a writer and a filmmaker if people naturally want to share what I create. The more people genuinely spread the word, the more I will see that what I’m doing is working. Or, not, and then maybe the idea needs rethinking.

So, I encourage you to sign up for updates. It’s simple. Click here -> Join My Email List! I promise to only send out emails when I have something I believe in my heart and soul carries some value for sharing.

And if you’re still not convinced, I will simply ask if you can say no to this face.